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"Sent to the nations to touch generations"

Recording has Begun for the NEXT ALBUM Chosen & Forgiven

Chosen & Forgiven Release COMING SOON!!!

We are so close to Meeting our $50,000 goal for the "Chosen & Forgiven" Recording.  What seemed like an impossible task is now within reach ! 

WE still need approxminately $9,000 to reach our completion goal!

We want to thank everyone who has been part of making this dream a reality! It has been well over 12 years waiting for this to be completed! If you would like to be part of this incredible work there are several Apps available to give. See Picture to the Left for more detailed iinformation on how you can give.

(Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, and of course snail mail too!)

We are so excited for the Realease of the NEXT ALBUM "Chosen & Forgiven" Release Date TBD

All recording sessions are finished and it is now in the Production/ Mixixing stage.  We have received 5 songs that have been MIXED and we are completly blown away!  We can not wait to share it with the WORLD SOON!!

Singer Songwriter Contest Results

James is a top contender in a Singer/ Songwriter Contest

James has entered a Singer/ Songwriter contest and is
Climbing the charts!

12/30/2013 UPDATE:
We pray you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas with your loved ones! We Pray this NEW YEAR will be full of BLESSINGS and SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH for you and your family in this year of OPEN DOORS!

We want to update you on the Singer Songwriter Contest.  WE are STILL waiting to hear the final results but JAMES was named 4 weeks in a row in the TOP TEN WEEKLY LIST which secures him to be considered for the FINAL TOP 10 FINALIST! He also FINISHED in 7th Place Nation wide of 9,876 contestants.  Which is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment thanks to YOU ALL! 


The voting portion of this contest is OVER. Now it is in the hands of the judging panel. They will review the WEEKLY TOP 10 Lists and choose the TOP TEN FINALIST SOON!  Reports were by Dec. 15th but there has been a delay.  PLEASE CONTINUE To PRAY for FAVOR. The TOP 10 that are chosen will WIN Studio equipment to start a home Studio and perform LIVE in Hollywood March 2014. Where the FINALIST will win $25,000 Cash and recording opportunity with Producer Don Was and other prizes. This is an incredible opportunity. Please continue to pray for FAVOR as they make their final decisions.

Blessings to you all 
James & Jennifer Pinto

Back Home from Mexico

Our ministry time in Mexico was INCREDIBLE!! We were used by God in different many ways. We had the opportunity to teach, preach, worship and do some counseling.  We received reports of miracles, healing, restoration, reconciliation, salvation and financial release. We are so thankful to the Lord for all his faithfulness, goodness and total care.
Thank you again prayer partners, friends and family members for your continued support!!  To God be the Glory!!

Arrived in Mexico!

We have arrived safely in Mexico! 

Tonight (Friday) James will be preaching and leading worship at a service from 7pm-Midnight
Tomorrow we will be visiting with a family at a Birthday Dinner.
And Sunday We will be leading service in another church.

Please continue to pray for safety, health and that the Lord would use us Powerfully here!

Blessings From Mexico!

James & Jennifer

Mexico Mission Trip

God has opened the doors for us to go to our next Country assignment!  
JUNE 25 - JULY 11  2013

We have been sensing that the time was getting closer for us to go on our next mission assignment to MEXICO for some time now. We were praying and asking the Lord the questions, HOW? & WHEN?  but we just rested in knowing that he was going to have all the details worked out.  What seemed impossible for us IS POSSIBLE FOR GOD!

On Thursday May 30th James shared with our small prayer and praise group that we needed prayer for our next trip.   We know it is to Mexico and the details are not all clear yet but I just want Prayer for the PLANE TICKETS!  We had investigated prices and found tickets as low as $400 for BOTH OF US ROUND TRIP! Which is an INCREDIBLE PRICE!

On the very NEXT day, James' Birthday Friday, May 31st we received an email saying "OUR TICKETS ARE PAID FOR!"

We received the money and bought the tickets right away! 

We called and made our housing reservations (which IS also TAKEN CARE OF!) and later found out... THIS IS A DIVINE TIME for us to go!  We now have a meeting scheduled with several pastors to participate in a project that would open the doors to an ongoing relationship with this particular ministry for the future as well!

Please Join us in prayer that GOD would continue to put together all the details.

ONLY additional expenses we have, at this point are:
1.  Travel while in Mexico which we can take public transportation or taxi
       (we have not looked into the possibility of renting a car yet)
2.  Food Expenses

If you would like to help support us on this mission you can make a donation directly on our website by clicking on the Donation tab on the right side.

Thank you for your PRAYERS & SUPPORT!!!!

James & Jenn Pinto

Conference Update

If you are not here in Corinth, TX this weekend for the Passover Celebration, you need to VISIT the LIVE WEBCAST at http://www.gloryofzion.org/media Saturday and Sunday!  

This weekend has been absolutely INCREDIBLE!  We are so blessed to be here. We are getting to know so many new people from all over the world!  We are having so much FUN! James has the honor of simultaneously translating during the morning and afternoon sessions for all of the Spanish speaking visitors.  HE HAS DONE AN INCREDIBLE JOB!

We are SO BLESSED to be here and VERY EXCITED to be part of what GOD is doing and GOING TO DUE IN THE FUTURE!
I will be posting pictures on James Pinto Ministries Facebook Page SOON!


Passover Celebration-March 28-31

James Pinto Ministries is going to be present at the celebration of Passover at Glory of Zion/ Global Spheres Center in Corinth Texas, from March 28-31st Come and visit us. All of our merchandise will be on display!! For more information visit our calendar page or Glory of Zion's website: http://gloryofzion.org/gatherings/passover2013/

March 25, 2013

We have seen God in SUPERNATURAL ways ever since we arrived at our new home. We may have to write a book to share all that God is doing.  He is teaching us so much.  But the KEY to it all has been our OBEDIENCE to HIM and his word and taking a step of FAITH. Wheww.... and what steps of faith they have been.

We have GREAT EXPECTATIONS and we are excited to see what GOD is going to do in our lives this next season. This week we are excited and honored to be displaying James Pinto Ministries Officially at the Passover Celebration this weekend at Glory of Zion/ Global Spheres Center (Thursday-Sunday).  There will be hundreds of people here from all over the world for this event and it gives us the opportunity to share what God has done and is doing in our lives.  If you are in the area come visit us at our table!

Thanks again for checking in on us!
Many Blessings to you all!


Yes!  We are still believing GOD for GREAT THINGS in our life!  

We are thankful you continue to check in on us, ESPECIALLY our dear friends at CFA in ODESSA TX!  Yes we see you checking in daily! SO THANK YOU for your on going prayers and concern for us!
A special thank you to Donovan who brought the rest of our items to us that did not fit in the moving truck!  We also send out a thank you to EVERYONE who has supported us through your prayers, fiances, sweat & tears as we continue to follow God's direction.  We are so grateful for each of you!  

WE KNOW GOD is in control and we find GREAT comfort and peace as we TRUST in HIM. This has been a difficult time but exciting at the same time! Meeting new people, learning our new town, and all that there is to discover!

We continue to meet people & learn that we are NOT ALONE in this NEW Journey and season.  We have seen MIRACLES after MIRACLES this past month. There are so many people who are going through the same things we are! So we find comfort knowing we are not alone on this journey and we are able to support one another. We are so thankful that God is watch out for us and taking care of our EVERY need SUPERNATURALLY!

Please continue to pray for us as we get settled into our new town of Denton and that we would find the RIGHT jobs for us to support us.  Pray that we would not settle for nothing less than HIS BEST for us!

We love you all and thank you again for your Prayers!
Jennifer & James Pinto

Feb. 4 2013


We are thankful for our new home and all that God is doing in our lives. We love our new church home and we are excited for the things that are still to come.  I (Jennifer) am attending a women's Bible study that has ALREADY been a HUGE BLESSING and today was only the 1st day! We continue to follow God's every direction and step along the way as we discover ALL that the Lord has for us here. We ask for prayers the next few weeks as GOD is taking us to a NEW level of in TRUSTING HIM! We PRAISE HIM for this time and BELIEVE HE will do GREAT THINGS ABOVE what we can ever think or imagine! 

Thanks for checking in and praying for us!
Jennifer & James Pinto

Jan 29 2013

Hello Everyone!

We are back in the USA! What an incredible experience we had in Venezuela.  I think we are still processing everything so I will post updates as we process. We are very thankful for the support and encouragement we received from so many of you across the USA and in Venezuela! We are over whelmed by the blessings we have received over the past 2 months.  THANK YOU from the deepest part of our heart!

We are now in our NEW apartment in Denton TX.  Since we just returned on Thursday we are still trying to unpack and get everything situated. There is a lot to learn here in Denton.  But we are finding that everywhere we go people are so friendly and very willing to help us get where we need to go. 

So now what lies ahead for us?  We are once again taking a HUGE step of faith.  I (Jennifer) had started my MARY KAY business about 2 yrs ago just as a "hobby" or to make a little extra money as needed.  I have decided it is time for me to have the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to run my OWN FULL TIME business. I took the BIG STEP (more like a HUGE PLUNGE) and I have not regretted a MOMENT of it.  God has opened doors for me that I can not believe to be very successful.  And the best part is I am having MORE FUN than I have had IN A VERY LONG TIME.  I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB! James is my official assistant and working side by side with me 8-4 (8hrs) everyday and we are making INCREDIBLE HEAD WAY in our business.
In the meantime, just this week, we were awarded for our efforts and I was selected to be part of a VERY ELITE leadership group with NATIONAL MARY KAY DIRECTOR, Bett Vernon.  We meet via phone once a week to personally coach us and give direction every step of this decision.  What is the final goal? I WILL BE a Director of my own unit and driving a MARY KAY Car for FREE as well as a nice salary that will support us and our ministry and the vision we have to reach out to the 12 Nations we believe GOD has called us to go to.  

James and I are also working hard to get JAMES PINTO MINISTRIES set up as a 501c3 organization and we are almost there!  We are working on the LAST stage of the paperwork now so we PRAY everything will be in to the IRS in a few months with APPROVAL in JESUS' NAME!

Thank you for checking in on us and for your on going words of encouragement and financial support!  Remember you can make a donation on our website directly by clicking on the donation/paypal tab on the right of our page. Or you can send us a check to:
2025 Stockbridge Rd Apt 6105
Denton, TX 76208

Prayer & Praises 
* We are so blessed and thankful to be in our NEW Church, Glory of Zion, Global Spheres Ministries 
*The Start of our FULL TIME Business, open doors and touching the lives of women in our area
* Finances, that ALL our needs will be met
* Our Family here in the states and in Venezuela
* The details for our Next trip to MEXICO! 
* Health and Safety

Blessings to you ALL!!

Venezuela Trip Update Jan. 9, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Sorry it has taken us so long to update you on our time here in Venezuela. We are doing well! For some reason I am having trouble posting pictures on our website. So I posted one on our Facebook Page go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Pinto-Ministries So be sure you LIKE our JAMES PINTO MINISTRIES Facebook Page and I will try to post there! We are really enjoying our time here in Venezuela, we are so blessed. God is showing us HIS provision everyday! Last week we were invited to go to a small town called Colonia Tovar which is located WAY up in the mountains. What a journey it was to get there! I was amazed by Gods beauty and creativity along the way. I will Post those Pictures on our Facebook Page. We have had the opportunity to minister in a Woman's prison, I am waiting to get copies of those pictures but I will post them once they are available. I think I am learning more from these ladies than they learn from me. I (Jennifer) was invited to go with a lady to the mens prison last week. I told her I would pray about it and see if that was the direction God wanted me to go. On Sunday Tamara came to me and said she was not going to go to the mens prison for a while because there was an out break of violence and several prisoners were severely injured so she was not going to return for a while. WOW look at Gods protection for us! We also had the opportunity to minister to a family who invited us to visit their home. As we shared our testimonies we spent time in worship We arrived there at 8pm and did not leave until 5am. What a time of worship we had. It was incredible to minister to this family as our family used our gift of music. They said that was the most amazing time in worship they have ever had. They could hear angels singing with us! It was like they were taken to a new level of worship. PRAISE THE LORD! Later we learned that this family had a terrible loss only a year ago. Their son was killed in a robbery. I could since their pain an loss but I had no idea the healing & comfort that GOD was bringing to them through us. Amazing how powerfully GOD can us us if we are just open an willing. Please Pray with us for this beautiful christian family as they continue to heal from the loss of their son & brother. God has spoken to us very powerfully through the services at Marantha. We participated in a prophetic act of writing all the things that we want to break away from in the past year! We made our list and tore it at the end of the service. THE PAST IS PAST and we are NOW IN THE TIME OF GOD! Im not sure what that looks like completely but I KNOW OUR BEST IS YET TO COME, IT IS GODs TIME! You can see the video on Youtube (I know many of you dont know spanish to watch the whole video but if you forward to the last 2 mins of the video you can see James Jumping for JOY for what is to come! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bdtVfs9JnY Next week we will be spending several days at Isla Margarita with James mom for a mini family vacation. We are looking forward to spending time with her and the beach! Pray for safe travels and our remaining time here has we continue to follow Gods lead as we are here. Blessings to you all! Jennifer & James

Venezuela Trip Update Dec 27th

WHEWWWWW HOOO! SHOUT FOR JOY!!!! We finally arrived! We were suppose to arrive in Venezuela Dec 24th at 8pm but unfortunately we were delayed several times on the Island of Curacao. Our flight was canceled and we had to stay the night. BUT GOD blessed us with vouchers from the Airlines for lunch, dinner and breakfast along with 2 FREE tickets to travel and a nights stay at an all inclusive resort hotel on the island(normally $600 a night). Once we arrived we wanted to stay a few more days! IT was incredible! After several more delays we finally arrived in Valencia, Venezuela on Dec. 25th unfortunately WITHOUT LUGGAGE! BUT GOD once again showed us HIS Grace, Love and Provision by taking us shopping Christmas day to buy us clothes and undies to get us by until our luggage arrived. Our luggage took quite a journey, after making several flights to Caracas, Venezuela then returned to the Island of Curacao then back on a flight to Valencia Venezuela....Our Luggage FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY Dec 27th at 2.30AM. Praise the Lord EVERYTHING arrived safely and nothing lost along the way. HONESTLY, The last leg of the trip was not easy BUT GOD revealed to us that we are to be JOY CARRIERS. So we had the opportunity to share this supernatural Joy of the LORD with everyone on our scheduled FULL flight. Obviously everyone was traveling to get HOME for Christmas and we did not arrive in time for all the typical celebrations that happen on the 24th of Dec in Venezuela. So everyone was angry and VERY UPSET to hear the new that our flight was canceled. But GOD used us to share a spirit of joy in a time of crisis with many. Unfortunately, because of the desperation to get home for christmas, most of the people on our flight chose to take another route to Valencia, They all decided to take another flight to another city in Venezuela then take a 5 hr BUS ride to arrive. That left only 7 of us behind. BUT GOD provided us on Dec. 25th a PRIVATE PLANE for the 7 of us that stayed behind, the following morning. OUR final flight was only 20 mins. GOD honored us and BLESSED US GREATLY! FREE HOTEL, FOOD, PRIVATE PLANE and we probably arrived in Valencia WAY Before the rest of the group that decided to take the other flight and BUS. From the moment we arrived, God has been at work! We have experienced his Supernatural provision in so many ways. Yesterday we had the honor to visit one of James aunts who is 90 yrs old in her final days with us on Earth. We prayed for her and sang her favorite hymns. She has been in a Coma since June. When we began to sing she started to move her mouth and legs as if she was singing and dancing with us. What a blessing. One of Her daughters who is caring for her, hurt her shoulder, we prayed for her and for healing of her shoulder and we witnessed a MIRACLE! GOD HEALED HER SHOULDER RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! PRAISE THE LORD! She could not lift her arm at all but before we left she had her hands COMPLETELY RAISED ABOVE HER HEAD GIVING THANKS AND PRAISE TO THE LORD! TODAY was also incredible! We went to minister in a womens prison. We have never had the opportunity to minister this way so we were very unsure of what to expect. What an incredible experience. I(Jennifer) thought I would be nervous to enter. But i was FILLED with COMPLETE PEACE AND JOY TO BE THERE! Even when We passed by the mens prison, I expected they would yell, whistle etc but no completely the opposite happened. Yes, they would yell at us but asking us to BLESS THEM. I believe we left more blessed that the women we went to visit. Their attitude, joy and faith in the LORD was INCREDIBLE! Originally it was arranged for me to meet with a young lady that is from Canada. Unfortunately, she was restricted all visitors, so pray we can return. We left a book for her with a note that we were there and pray it will minister to her in a VERY special way. I also had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with 2 girls. Thank GOD the girl that was there visiting was very open to me and I invited her to go to church with us this SUNDAY! Please pray for JENNY that all obstacles of the enemy would be torn down so she is FREE to join us this SUNDAY. We are EXTREMELY tired but VERY BLESSED! Thank you for your Prayers as we continue to follow the LORDs LEADING as we minister! BLESSINGS! Jennifer and James Pinto PS My (Jennifer)FACEBOOK is currently BLOCKED! Ughhhh But I will try to post Pictures and updates on JAMES PINTO MINISTRIES FACEBOOK PAGE AS soon as we can we will try to post some pictures!

"Let the Packing Frenzy begin!"

It is our last week here in the town(s) we have called "home" over the last 2 years, Odessa/Midland, TX. and boy has the enemy been trying to steal our joy in this process.  We have been attacked at every angle. The enemy has been trying to discourage us over the past month or so.  PLEASE PRAY with us during this final stretch.....

Specific Prayer Requests & PRAISES:
*Landon & Dee-Dee: Our Dog sitter recently had to cancel BUT GOD, helped us find and reserve a place at a "Doggie Camp."  We still need to pray for the finances to cover this unexpected additional expense.

* Our only Car: broke down this past week, BUT GOD, provided us transportation while our car was in the shop, so we would not miss out on any work and HE covered ALL EXPENSES for the repairs! 

*James: has been ill the past couple of days, upper respiratory and fever. BUT GOD has given him the strength to continue with the daily routine and additional concert practices, and the voice for the 4 concerts this past weekend. We are extremely tired but pray GOD will multiply our rest and give us the strength for this week of work, packing & moving. 

*Finances: have been extremely tight due to the additional expenses of moving etc. Unfortunately, we have also missed out on several days of work due to the holidays.  We are still $1,000 short of reaching our trip goal and we are $1,521 short of covering expenses while we are gone (which includes the doggie camp). Please pray with us for a SUPERNATURAL financial break through. BUT GOD had us speak with our new landlords and ask for an extension on the dog deposit and PRAISE THE LORD they allowed us to wait to pay the dog deposit until we return from Venezuela!  We also spoke with the financial institution for James' School Loan and told them we were going on a mission trip and explained our situation. To our surprise they are allowing us to post pone payments until March without penalties! 

We are now down to the final details of our move to our NEW Home base of Denton, TX.   There is still a lot to be done so let the Packing frenzy begin! We will pack the moving truck on Friday Dec 21 and begin our 5 1/2 hour journey to Denton. Where we will unload the truck, Take the Landon & Dee Dee to "doggie camp" & pack our last items for our 5am flight to Venezuela December 24th.

Please join us in prayer as we are trusting and believing that GOD will put together the final details of what still needs to be done in the next few days. If you would like to help us financially you can through PAYPAL or by CREDIT CARD just by clicking the MAKE A DONATION BUTTON on the right side of our website. Or mail your check to James Pinto Ministries, 4136 E. 52nd Street Apt 1001, Odessa, TX 79762. All of our mail will be forwarded to our new address in Denton, TX and held until we return as of Dec 21st.

Thank you AGAIN for your prayers and continued support and encouragement!
With much love,
James & Jenn Pinto

Permian Basin Christmas Celebration

We had the privilege and honor to be part of the Permian Basin Christmas Celebration this past weekend. What a wonderful presentation. The First Baptist Church of Odessa put together an incredible program of Worship and Celebration.  What an incredibly talented congregation, staff, leaders, youth and children. We enjoyed singing with Voices of Mobil  and Peter Furler as well as our new friends at First Baptist Church.
FBC and especially Curtis Brewer, Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a wonderful production and to share the love of CHRIST with our community through song. We are very thankful for your love and support!


2012 Venezuela Mission Trip Update
Dec. 24-Jan. 23
So far we have raised enough funds to purchase our tickets for our mission trip to Venezuela!  PRAISE THE LORD!  and we thank ALL of you who are praying and supporting our ministry!  We are very thankful and blessed that we were able to get the tickets at 1/2 OFF the normal price! We were able to purchase BOTH of our tickets for $1,500.(Normally tickets are $1,300 each! WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  Including getting discounted tickets! 

Please continue to pray for us as there are a lot of details to put together before our flight Dec. 24th.  We are currently about $1,000 short of reaching our goal of $2,500. 

We also ask for prayer as we transition to our new home of Denton, TX.  We will be moving on Dec 22nd, right before our trip to Venezuela. We are SO EXCITED for what doors GOD is opening for us in this season. The past few years have definitely been a journey. We know God has been preparing and training us every step along the way. Being OBEDIENT to his Word and direction has not been easy at times. It has been quite challenging and the waiting has been hard! 

"Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good" Rom. 8:26-28 (The Message)

If you would like to help support our mission trip to Venezuela, you can do so with a credit or debit card by clicking on the PAYPAL button on the right side of our website or send your check made out to:
 James Pinto Ministries
4136 E. 52nd St. Apt 1001
Odessa, TX 79762
Thanks again for your continued love and support!

Many Blessings!
Jennifer Pinto


James Pinto & Avia Records

Venezuela 2012

During this trip to Venezuela, James will also have the opportunity to record 2 songs in Spanish at Avia Records with producer and arranger Julio Castellanos.

The songs were written by James Vincent from Glory of Zion, Global Spheres in Denton TX. They were originally recorded in English and now James Pinto has been given the permission to record these songs and be the voice for the Spanish Speaking Countries around the World. The songs are very anointed with a prophetic and hopeful message to the nations. James Pinto is very honored to have the opportunity to be the Ambassador to the Hispanic Community during this season.

Possessing the Land.....

James Pinto Ministries is now present at:
 Noel Wagner Performing Arts Center
Midland, TX
 Nov. 10, 2012

God honors those who honor HIM...
James Pinto Ministries is possessing the land and the mountain of Arts and
Entertainment. A Brick was laid at Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center which 
opened recently in Midland, TX.  A state of the art performance center,  which is
 worth over $89 Million.   WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!


James Pinto Ministries would like to thank GLC -TV (God's Learning Channel) for the invitation to be their guest on the "Light of the Southwest" program. James' interview and songs air on GLC:

Monday, April 23 at 8pm (Central Time) &

Tuesday, April 24 at 1am, 7am & 2pm (Central Time)

You can also see the program on their website at: 





is the WINNER of the WCRF Moody Radio 
"Taking The Next Step Music Contest"

Thank you all for your ongoing support!
We won this TOGETHER

James & Jennifer Pinto


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