James Pinto Ministries

July 2008

July 28 - 29        Lima, Peru

July 18 - 28        Puerto Maldonado, Peru

July 12 - 16        Brethren Church General Conference 300th Anniv.

                             Richmond Convention Center / Coliseum
                             Richmond, VA

June 2008

June 26-29         Norfolk, VA

Testimony from this Trip:

James was invited to Virginia to lead worship in a church. At the service was a 12 yr old girl who was diagnosed w/ Leukemia.  She really wanted a CD but her parents said now now dear.  James over heard the conversation and he gave her a signed CD as a gift. She was more than thrilled! A couple of weeks after James' trip to VA,  I ran across a video of a little girl singing and to my surprise I heard my husband, James' voice in the background. It was the same girl who James had given a CD to in VA and she was singing one of James song "Cuando Me Siento Solo" (when I feel alone) for Special Music at her church. After a little more investigation we found out that the girl listened to James' CD all the time. She especially likes singing "Cuando Me siento Solo" to give her strength during her battles of fighting Leukemia.


Here are the lyric translated into English


"Cuando me siento solo" -(When I Feel Alone)


"When I feel alone YOU (God) are with me

and You hug me When I feel along YOU are with me  

You give me your hand and You call me your friend 

When I feel alone you wrap me in Your coat and You pick me up when I am down...." 

 "The enemy will not keep me from singing....

No, No, No The enemy can't destroy my faith"


What an inspiration and strong young lady!


I Praise the LORD and I'm so thankful that he has Blessed me with a husband who is so gifted. I thank the Lord that he has used James' times of loneliness to speak to others (as well as myself)  in their time of need. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Today this little girl is now CANCER FREE !!!!!! 

May ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD our Jehova Rapha (Our Healer) 


June 8                Relay for Life  (Survivors Tent 7AM)         Ashland, OH

May 2008

May 2-5           Brethren District Conference       Sarasota, FL 

April 2008

April 27            Ezekiel Community Church - Ashland, OH

April 20            Gilead Mennonite Church    - Mt. Gilead, OH

April 12-13       Berlin Brethren Church - Berlin, PA

April 6              Mohicanville Church - Mohicanville, OH

March 2008

March 25 - 27     Brethren Pastor's Conference Belville,OH


March 2              First Baptist Church Norfolk, VA

February 2008

February 24    Trinity Brethren Church                                   
                          Canton, OH

February 23   Concert (open to the public)   
                         Trinity Brethren Church
                         Canton, OH.

February 17  NorthManchester First Brethren Church

                          All Services

                         Youth Sponsored Banquet (Reservations Only)  
                         North Manchester First Brethren Church
                         North Manchester, IN

February 2  "Holy Humble and Obedient" CD Signing
                         10am - 1pm
                         The Carpenter Shop
                         Ashland, OH

January 2008

January 1 - 7    Miami, FL

December 2007

December 18 - 31   Valencia, Venezuela

December 7 - 8      Recording Studio - Alexandria, IN

December 2          Ezekiel Community Church - Ashland, OH

November 2007

November 19 - 20      Recording Studio-      Alexandria, IN

November 5 - 6    Recording Studio-      Alexandria, IN

November 3      The Carpenter Shop - Ashland, OH

October 2007

October 28         Beacon Community Church -Louisville, OH

October 22-23
    Recording "H2O...Holy, Humble, and
© - Alexandria, IN

September 2007

September 1 - 3         Lakeville, Ohio  (Brethren Church Camp)

August 2007

August 30 - 31              Lakeville, OH  (Brethren Church Camp)

July 2007

July 1 - 3             Mexico City, Mexico
July 16 - 20         Ashland, OH (Brethren Church National
July 27 - 29         Manassas, VA  (Emmanuel Baptist Church)

June 2007

June 18 - 30  Mexico City, Mexico

September 2006

September 10             Valencia, Venezuela (La Vina del Senor)

August 2006

August 8 -14                Anchorage, Alaska
August 15-17               Fairbanks, AK (Baptist Convention)

August 18 - 21             Anchorage, AK

August 23 - 31             Valencia, Venezuela



July 2006

July         Ashland, OH (Brethren Church National Conference)

June 2006

June 3              Neza, Mexico (Seminary Graduation)

June 11            Cuajimalpa, Mexico D.F (Celebrad Cristo Vive) 


May 2006

May 14      Pembroke Pines, FL (Church of Pembroke Pines)

May 25       Mexico City, Mexico (Capital City Baptist Church)

May 28       Mexico City, Mexico (Celebrad Cristo Vive)


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