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James Pinto Moody Radio Music Contest Winner!

Posted by jjpinto on October 12, 2009 at 4:37 PM Comments comments (29)

The winner of the Grand Prize in the WCRF Moody Radio "Taking the Next Step" music contest is:

James Pinto! 

Wow! What an exciting time!  First we want to all the PRAISE and GLORY to God!  And we want to thank all of you for your Love, support and VOTES!

AsGrand Prize winner, James (my husband and I) enjoyed the opportunity to attend a "Sessions Conference" where we met and had a private dinner with promoters and managers Andrew Patton; Multi Grammy & Dove Award winner Bubba Smith; and FFH band member Brian Smith. This Management Team has worked with high profile recording artists such as: 

Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, 4-Him, Jaci Velasquez, Destiny's Child and many others.

On Friday, October 9, 2009, at 7:00 a.m. they officially announced JamesPinto as their winner, and at 8:45 a.m. they interviewed James by phone and spoke with him LIVE on air.  They also played his WINNING song"Holy, Humble and Obedient".

You can listen to the official announcement and the official congratulations to James by visiting online:

James will have another meeting with the management team in a few weeks to discuss future possiblities and get feed back on James' music.  James and Jennifer Pinto will also be meeting personally with and attending the "Rush of Fools" concert at the "Acquire the Fire Conference" the end of October.

The competition was very "FIERCE" at the end James won with only 70 votes ahead of the competition. Which was a very good band from a mega church.  Itseems like our international family and friends kept us alive.  We personally heard that votes came in from: Venezuela, Mexico, Spain,Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Isreal, Egypt, Portugal, Malaysia, and others.

A special 'thank you' to all who voted and participated in the recordingof "Holy, Humble, & Obedient".  Many Brethren were part of thechoir on this song.

We also got a phone call today that another door has possibly been opened.  Please join us in continued prayeras God guides us down this path.  Our prayer is that we only  want to glorify our GOD almighty and minister to others the message of hope, reconsiliation, and restoration through James' music. 

Thank you for your continuing Prayers and support!


James & Jennifer Pinto

It's Time

Posted by jjpinto on June 25, 2009 at 12:11 PM Comments comments (3)

This song was inspired in the life of my wife Jennifer as she was getting ready to leave the mission field in Mexico City and embark in a new adventure back in the United States.  As many of you know it is hard for missionaries to detach themselves from people, culture, and emotional ties that have been built throughout the years.  I was in Florida at the time I said over the phone: "It's Time" .  It is time to reach new people, time to share the gospel in new territories, countries and nations.  We both have been called to the nations.  There is still a lot to do for the kingdom, and God is waiting for those who are willing to say "yes" to him wherever he leads.  There are children suffering, people hurting, and needs to be met.  It's time! Let's not look back, let us look forward and reach and touch as many lives as we can. It's Time!

Holy, Humble & Obedient

Posted by jjpinto on March 23, 2009 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (24)

This song reflects the need to be more like Jesus. God has a specific plan and purpose for our lives and one of the requirements in order to be effective and annointed servants of his is to be holy, humble and obedient. Many people tell me that they do not have any problem with the holy and humble part, but when it comes to obedience it becomes very hard for them to act upon it. God does not want delayed obedience, "who knows", "maybe" or "half obedience", but he honors absolute and immediate obedience. Whatever you feel he asking of you, do it! He has a reason for it and it is for your good and for his glory. Even when we do not understand the ultimate goal, the bible says "Obedience is better than sacrifice". No matter how much we think we do for God, no matter how much we claim we love him, when obedience is not present that means we are not in complete agreement with him. Holy, Humble, & Obedient are not popular terms in our society today. We are taught to be immoral, proud and independent. We are told to go with the flow and fit in, but God says: we are not of this world, do not be conformed to this world but be transfornmed by the power of his Holy Spirit. We need to be the salt and light, we need to impact others, we need to reflect who we are in Christ. Our identity is to be shown wherever we are and in whatever we do. We are his ambassadors and children. We are called to be a light in a world of darkness. My prayer for you today is that you will not resist the voice of God any longer and say "yes" when he calls. He is faithful and will be with you until the very end. Let's make a change in our families, communities and country by being all we were created to be: Holy, Humble, & Obedient.

If My People

Posted by jjpinto on February 27, 2009 at 1:08 PM Comments comments (1)

This song is based on 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  I always wondered what our nations, countries, cities and communities had to do in order  to receive God's full blessings.  After I carefully examined this verse, I broke it down into 5 sections: "If my people".  This is a condition, God does not impose himself over our wishes. If we do what we are asked, then......... he will honor the rest. "shall humble".  We need to humble as a nation, there is too much pride, too much about "me" "my" and "mine" and too little about HIM.  "Pray"  What do we pray for? for a new car when we already have 3?  for a new computer when there are more in our house than people? for our own selfish accomplishments? "seek my face"  How can we seek his face? Do we need to remove the distractions such as internet, work, T.V.  busy schedules, games? What do we need to do to have room for our personal appointment with God and sense the Holy Spirit speak to us in the quietness? Can we be silent for more than 3 minutes? "turn from their wicked ways"  What are our wicked ways? What is blocking our relatrionship with him? is it doubt, fear, sin, self-sufficiency, selfishness, intellect, independence, kwowledge, lack of time? 

I am convinced that IF we pay attention to his voice and act on what he requires of us, our lives are going to experience a supernatural transformation and consequently our city, church, and nation will be forgiven and healed.

God of The Foreigner

Posted by jjpinto on February 27, 2009 at 12:33 PM Comments comments (21)

This song was written In South Florida.  After I left my hometown in South America, I had to adjust to a whole different lifestyle including language, people, and traditions.  Even though I already spoke the language, my very distinct british accent did not help much. As soon as entered college for my undergraduate classes, I was required to take American English phonetics and phonology in order to reduce my accent and make me more "american". 2 years later, I was enrolled as a voice major, and to my surprise, I was asked by my voice teachers to use British English for my voice diction and all of my song repertoire. What in the world is wrong with these people? I thought. Finally, I adjusted and did great and the end. I did not have a car for 4 years. I had to walk or take the bus to school. There were times when I got rained up and times when my skin sored due to the intense sun.  I prayer-walked for 4 years everyday at 5:am.  During my prayerwalks I felt like David Livingstone in Africa.  I was solely being sustained literally by God's hand and my faith. I never knew where my next meal or my next support would come. I knew I had been called by God to be in the U.S. but, I also knew that I was depending only on him.  I remember reading psalm 116 : 7-8 "He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princess of their people".  That is exactly what he did. After 5 years of trials and hardships he lifted me up and put me in a place of honor. I thank God for being there at all times.  I got to know him in a very different way every single day. I experienced him as my comforter, my healer, my protector, my defender, my lawyer, my doctor, redeemer and best friend. Thank you Jesus for believing in me and loving me with your unconditional love!!!  You are the God of the Foreigner!!!!

Jehova Es Mi Pastor

Posted by jjpinto on February 13, 2009 at 12:42 PM Comments comments (1)
Jehova es mi pastor means the Lord is my shepherd.  This song is based on psalm 23.  I have always been amazed of how many times a person can read the same passage and come with something completely new, fresh, powerful and insightful.  The Lord is your Shepherd and you shall not want means: when you are depressed, He is your shepherd, when you are facing financial crises, the Lord is your Shepherd, when relarionships are not going well, He is your Shepherd, when we are betrayed and rejected, the Lord is our Shepherd, when we do not know who to turn to, the Lord is our Shepherd. No matter what we are facing or are about to face in the future, remember The Lord is your Shepherd. He is the creator of the universe, the one who sustains the whole earth, the giver of life, the ALMIGHTY, and guess what: HE IS YOUR SHEPHERD!!  Press on and never give up!!!

Libre Soy

Posted by jjpinto on November 25, 2008 at 11:37 AM Comments comments (5)
Libre Soy means I am free. I wrote this song on a 4th of July. I was home by myself, the piano was my only companion and we together created this wonderful song.  I started to think about the price Jesus paid on the cross to set us free, the price our heroes paid to free the nation, and especially the freedom we can enjoy in knowing the debt of sin is no longer there. When we realize that God has set us free to love, to serve, to sing, to laugh, to forgive, to bless, it all comes to his Amazing LOVE.  If you feel oppressed, depressed, and stressed, remember Jesus is waiting for you with open arms.  There is nothing too hard for him. He is the expert on tough situations. If there seems nothing else you can do, if no doors seem to open anymore, if all around you looks dark and there is not even a small window for you to breathe, then you are a perfect candidate for a SUPERNATURAL MIRACLE Congratulations!!!!! It seems that help is coming your way!

Cuando Me Siento Solo

Posted by jjpinto on November 14, 2008 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (21)

Cuando me siento solo means: "when I feel lonely".  This is one of the most popular and powerful Spanish songs I have ever written.  I remember visiting the Pembroke Lakes Mall in South Florida, one of my favorite places to visit (before getting married, of course). It was Christmas time , the mall was crowded, the bright colors were shining all over the place, the Christmas tree was beautifully decorated, there were hundreds of children and parents walking back and forth shopping and having a good time, but regardless of all the people I was surrounded, I felt lonely.  It was frustrating to feel that way.  I wanted somehow to change the situation but it was not possible.  God used that very time as an opportunity for me to write this song.  For those who do not understand Spanish, here's a summary of the song in English: when I feel lonely, I know you look at me from above.  When I feel lonely, I know you cry when I cry. You are my father and you know me, there is no pain that you ignore, that's why I come to you. When I feel lonely you stay with me, you hold my hand and call me your friend, when I feel lonely you give me shelter, and lift me up when I fall down. The enemy will not be able to stop my singing, the enemy will not be able to destroy my faith, when I feel lonely I know you are there. I pray that you feel his company with you right now, I pray that you see him crying with you, and looking after you.  Whatever you are facing at this time, remember He rejoices with you and cries with you.  Circumstances and the enemy may come against you without prior notice, but notice: THE GOD OF THE ARMIES is by your side. The victory is yours!!

Search Me O God!

Posted by jjpinto on November 14, 2008 at 11:12 AM Comments comments (1)
Most of the times we are not concerned about letting God see how we look on the outside,  the challenge is giving God permission to look on the inside.  What will he find out?  Will he be shocked? Will he still love me? Am I still worthy?  All these questions are valid, reasonable and somewhat scary.  Since we are all sinners by nature and practice, it is hard to let the Holy Spirit take control, convict and clean what does not bring him glory. This song was based literally on Psalm 139: 23-24.  God does not say: I WANT TO SEARCH. He wants us to voluntarily admit and confess our weaknesses asking him to remove anything that hinders our full potential.  All pride, selfishness, independence, envy, jealousy, evil desires and gossip are not going to stand the test of the Almighty, Holy God.  There is nothing we can do to work it out on our own. Instead, we should come to him with an open an honest heart and say: SEARCH ME. I never did that in the past until I wrote the song. I was  scared to death to even think about asking, but I had to do it in order to be able to minister effectively.  I understand that it is hard to do it, but our motivations, agendas, plans, desires, programs, formulas, religious structures, self-righteousness and goals need to be tested and purified but the fire of the Holy Spirit.  I encourage you today to ask God to search you. He  knows what nobody else knows, he is ready to clean, forgive and forget. 

In The Presence

Posted by jjpinto on November 12, 2008 at 11:23 AM Comments comments (25)
In the presence of the Lord there is beauty, in the presence of the Lord there is rest, in the presence of the Lord there is comfort, in the presence of the Lord there is hope.  This song was written in one of the practice rooms at Florida International University. I was  a music performance major, and I had my own practice room and key.  That means I could practice whenever, and for as long as I wanted.  One day I began to brainstorm about my life especially after the loss of my father, the sickness of my mother and various different circumstances.  I was amazed that even though I was being emotionally bombarded I could still feel God's presence, peace and comfort. I began to play the piano and little by little the song was birthed. Few months later, I was allowed to sing that in church and other venues declaring the mighty and overwhelming presence of God.  To my surprise this song has been used at funerals, weddings and people seem to feel something special about it.  I know what it is: the real presence of my dear Jesus, his authority is revealed and his glory fills the place.  Take sometime to spend in God's presence.  There is not a better place to be.  You will experience what you cannot experience anywhere else, you will be transformed and people will begin to see the glorious presence of God through you.  "And the glory of the Lord will be revealed" Isaiah 40:5