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Dr. James Pinto is a Venezuelan -American Author, Singer, Songwriter and Recording Artist.  He started in music at the age of ten.  When James was 17 years old he conducted 3 church choirs,  and founded a permanent polyphonic ensemble that allowed him to travel a lot for 10 years.  He was the music minister at First Baptist Church in Valencia, Venezuela, and also was designated to coordinate the music for the Baptist National Convention.  His musical abilities were stretched once he moved to The United States of America in 1996.  

In South Florida,  James was part of the Broward Choral Society where he was chosen as a soloist for 3 consecutive years.  In 2006 he recorded his first project titled "Between 2 Worlds",  creating the fusion of 2 languages, cultures, and experiences.  In 2007 James recorded his second CD titled, "Holy, Humble, and Obedient" accompanied by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Ashland NEW DAY choir.  The most important thing in James' life is to feel and experience God's presence, passion and power.

James and 
his wife Jennifer now reside in Texas, attend and minister at Glory of Zion International and Global Spheres Center.  James holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling. James has also been ordained as a Pastor to the nations on April 2012.

James has a Doctoral Degree in Music Ministry with a concentration in Arts & Entertainment from Primus University of Theology. James also has released a book November 4, 2017 "Key Sounds of Victory in the Arts & Entertainment"   and Co-Authored an anthology with Apostle Axel Sippach  titled, "Speak to the Mountains!"  that will be released January 2018.  Dr. Pinto is determined to use these powerful tools in order to help all those in need of encouragement, guidance and healing. James speaks four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian. This has allowed him to minister in various churches and ministries where a foreign language is spoken.
In his own words James says:
 "All I am,  all I have achieved, and all I expect to be,  is because of God's grace and love for me!  I am convinced that with God,  ALL things are possible!"
 To God be the glory, for ever and ever!!


"When God creates man He always has something special in mind. And, with James He enabled him to express this both through his life and his music, a true "humble & obedient" servant of Christ to mankind." 

Reiner KirstenRetired EMI Executive , Miami Beach, FL


"The music that James presents is worshipful and heartfelt. He humbly acknowledges that his exquisite and comprehensive musical gifts; composer, instrumentalist and vocalist; come from Holy Spirit. His music engages people in active worship of the Lord so that they can come to Him as true worshipers; worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. Through his music ministry James has greatly enhanced the worship life of our congregation."

Dr. Arden E. GilmerRetired Senior Pastor, Park Street Brethren Church



"James music exudes purity and simplicity from an anointed worshiper. Listeners are brought through the inner courts into the Holy of Holies with humility and passion. His music is like spiritual CPR for tired souls and empowers people to breathe again in God's presence."

Gene HeacockDirector of Lifework Leadership, Gloucester, MA 


After seeking God's presence through prayer, fasting and listening to God's voice, the LORD has revealed and confirmed in our hearts what our real passion is; "to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus". God has commanded us to "GO"! 

The Nations is our destiny, but we know that we are going to have a stronger commitment and connection with 12 specific countries: 

Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, China, India, Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, Estonia, and North Korea

If you want to be a part of this exciting journey, make a donation, sponsor us, or sponsor a specific mission trip to a specific country feel free to contact us at: jamespintosings(at)yahoo.com. 

You can also make your donation online using our PAYPAL feature on our website.  Your donations are LOVE OFFERINGS and are not tax deductible at this time.  We are currently and actively working to get our 501c3 status.  We will announce once we are approved! Thank you for your patience.

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